Psalm 119: A Handbook for Life

This book is different from any other book you have ever read. The text of the Psalm is in a myriad of colors and font changes that resemble a botanical garden. All of the major doctrines of Scripture are found here in this psalm. Themes are coded by color and font changes throughout the book. It is a handbook for life, for teaching, for meditation and for personal study. It will change your life and change the way you look at most everything around you. You may choose to read it through, but you will want to return again and again to spend time with the “Gardener”. There is space for taking your personal notes, write reflections, etc. The book is thin, but it speaks volumes.

Isaiah 53: The Centrality of the Lamb

Commentary to Chapter 53 of the Biblical Book of Isaiah tracing the mathematical and theological roots of the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecies in the Gospels.